10 French Slang Words

10 French Slang Words You Need to Know

Mar 24, 2023

French is a beautiful and complex language, but sometimes the vocabulary taught in textbooks and classrooms may not prepare you for real-life conversations. French slang words are commonly used in everyday conversations in France, and understanding them can help you communicate more effectively and sound like a native speaker. Here are 10 French slang words you need to know:

  1. Bouffer: This verb means to eat in colloquial French. You may hear it in phrases like Je vais bouffer un sandwich (I'm going to eat a sandwich).

  2. Un truc: This noun means a thing or a stuff in French slang. For example, Je dois acheter des trucs pour la maison (I have to buy stuff for the house).

  3. Kiffer: This verb means to like or to enjoy in French slang. You might hear someone say Je kiffe cette chanson (I like this song).

  4. Cimer: This is a slang word for merci (thank you).

  5. Trop cool: This phrase means very cool or awesome. You might hear someone say C'est trop cool ! (That's so cool!).

  6. Se prendre la tête: This phrase means to overthink or to make things complicated. For example, Arrête de te prendre la tête (Stop overthinking it).

  7. Bosser: This verb means to work in French slang. You might hear someone say Je bosse dans une entreprise (I work for a company).

  8. Péter un plomb: This phrase means to lose one's temper or to go crazy. For example, Il a pété un plomb quand il a vu la facture (He lost his temper when he saw the bill).

  9. Zapper: This verb means to forget or to ignore in French slang. For example, J'ai zappé le rendez-vous (I forgot about the appointment).

  10. Être à l'aise: This phrase means to be comfortable or to be at ease. For example, Je suis à l'aise en français maintenant (I'm comfortable with French now).

Knowing these 10 French slang words will help you sound more natural and improve your communication skills in French. Incorporate them into your vocabulary and practice using them in conversation to become a more confident French speaker.

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