Phrases for traveling in France

Survival French: Phrases for Traveling in France

Mar 25, 2023

As one of the most visited countries in the world, France is a popular destination for travelers from all over the globe. Whether you're going for a short trip or planning a longer stay, it's essential to learn some Survival French phrases that can help you navigate through the country with ease. In this blog post, we'll cover some of the most important Survival French phrases for traveling in France.

  1. Bonjour ! (Hello!)

    One of the most important phrases you'll need to know is Bonjour. This is the standard greeting in France, and you'll use it to say hello to everyone you meet. It's also essential to remember to say Au revoir (Goodbye) when you leave.

  2. Parlez-vous anglais ? (Do you speak English?)

    If you're struggling to communicate in French, it's always helpful to ask someone if they speak English. Many people in France do speak English, especially in tourist areas, but it's always polite to ask before assuming.

  3. Où est...? (Where is...?)

    When you're lost or trying to find a specific place, use the phrase Où est...? to ask for directions. For example, if you're looking for the Eiffel Tower, you would say, Où est la tour Eiffel ?

  4. Je voudrais... (I would like...)

    When you're ordering food or drinks, use the phrase Je voudrais... to say what you want. For example, if you want to order a coffee, you would say, Je voudrais un café, s'il vous plaît.

  5. Combien ça coûte ? (How much does it cost?)

    When shopping or buying something, use the phrase Combien ça coûte ? to ask how much it costs. This is especially useful when you're shopping at a market or a small store where prices might not be clearly marked.

  6. Je ne comprends pas. (I don't understand.)

    If you're struggling to understand someone, it's okay to admit it. Use the phrase Je ne comprends pas to say that you don't understand. The person you're speaking with will likely try to explain in simpler terms or find another way to communicate with you.

  7. Excusez-moi. (Excuse me.)

    If you need to get someone's attention, use the phrase Excusez-moi. This can be used in many situations, such as when you're trying to get through a crowded area or when you accidentally bump into someone.

  8. Comment allez-vous ? (How are you?)

    In France, it's customary to ask people how they're doing. Use the phrase Comment allez-vous ? to ask how someone is doing. They'll likely respond with Ça va bien (It's going well) or Ça va mal (It's not going well).

In conclusion, learning Survival French phrases can make your trip to France much more enjoyable and help you communicate with the locals. These phrases cover some of the basics, but it's always helpful to learn more if you can. Bon voyage !

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