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The 30 Most Common French Verbs

Jan 28, 2023

When it comes to French, learning the basics is essential. One of the most important aspects of learning French is mastering the most common French verbs. Knowing and being able to use the most common French verbs will put you on the fast track to mastering the language.

So which French verbs should you start with? We’ve compiled a list of the 30 most common French verbs to help get you started. These verbs are all essential to everyday conversations in French and are used frequently in written and spoken French.

1. Être (to be)
2. Avoir (to have)
3. Vouloir (to want)
4. Aller (to go)
5. Devoir (to have to/must)
6. Falloir (to be necessary)
7. Penser (to think)
8. Faire (to do/make)
9. Prendre (to take)
10. Dire (to say/tell)
11. Pouvoir (can/to be able to)
12. Savoir (to know)
13. Voir (to see)
14. Venir (to come)
15. Aimer (to like/love)
16. Donner (to give)
17. Oublier (to forget)
18. Mettre (to put)
19. Trouver (to find)
20. Attendre (to wait)
21. Essayer (to try)
22. Apprendre (to learn/teach)
23. Jouer (to play)
24. Parler (to speak/talk)
25. Chercher (to search/look for)
26. Sortir (to go out/get out)
27. Rire (to laugh)
28. Vivre (to live)
29. Comprendre (to understand)
30. Croire (to believe)

Download our free ebook here to learn how to conjugate them in the present tense and use them in context.

Memorizing these 30 most common French verbs will give you a solid foundation for conversing in French. Practice using each verb in a sentence and take note of the various conjugations and tenses. With practice and dedication, you’ll be speaking French fluently in no time!

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